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Celebrate Canada 150 With My Favorite Canadian Playlist

Summer’s here and it’s Canada’s 150th Anniversary! It’s the perfect time to celebrate great Canadian music and also share it with the kids.  I have spent hours at a time pouring over different genres and decades of music with the girls. Watching videos on You Tube and discussing the lyrics, we have had great talks about life in a different time. In honour of Canada’s 150th in 2017, below are 17 of my favorite Canadian songs, songs that I have enjoyed throughout my life and evoke great memories. 

1. Tragically Hip – Nautical Disaster

It’s almost impossible to choose your favorite Hip song.  But after a friend posed that question on Facebook recently, I spent an hour or two going through their extensive playlist, and decided on Nautical Disaster.  I love it for the memories it brings, the intro and the intensity it builds to.


2. Our Lady Peace – Automatic Flowers

Aside from the Hip, OLP was one of my favorite bands throughout my highschool years and it take me back to some good times.


3. City and Colour – Coming Home

Any song that mentions Nova Scotia will always be a favorite of mine.  City and Colour pulled me in again with Sleeping Sickness, a duet with Gord Downie.


4. Sloan – The Good In Everyone

Sloan helped put Halifax on the music scene in the 90’s and their music takes me back to growing up in Nova Scotia.


5. Sandbox – Cuious

A 90’s alt rock band from my home county in Nova Scotia who were unfortunately around for only a few years.  A couple of fun facts about Sandbox – the lead singer Paul Murray is a nephew of Anne Murray and many of you might recognize guitarist Mike Smith, as he went on to become the well known Canadian character Bubbles on Trailer Park Boys.


6. Spirit of the West – Home For a Rest

I’ve danced to this song in many pubs and kitchen parties and it never gets old!


7. Blue Rodeo – Till I Am Myself Again

A classic Canadian band that I grew up listening to, with so many good songs. Great memories of singing Blue Rodeo and the Hip around a campfire.


8. Great Big Sea – Ordinary Day

The bodhran and tin whistle, mixed with the band’s energy and traditional Newfoundland sound have had me hooked since they came out.


9. Jann Arden – Insensitive

Rock is my favorite music genre, but I like some lighter stuff from time to time. Growing up, I belted this song out in my room many times. 


10. Justin Bieber – As Long As You Love Me (Acoustic)

Yes, I admit it, I like Justin Bieber.  I actually think he is talented and has a great voice and I love his acoustic songs.


11. Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah

This has been covered all over the world, with two of my favorite being Killard House Special School and Pentatonix, but it was originally written and performed by Mr. Leonard Cohen.


12. Nickelback – Photograph

Nickelback is a band that everyone loves to hate but I’ve always liked their songs and they put on an awesome live show. After leaving the music scene of the East Coast and coming to Alberta,  it was nice to find another home grown band putting out good music.


13. The Original Caste – One Tin Soldier

Growing up, I listened to the oldies radio stations and this song has always been one of my favorites.


14. Moist – Push

There were lots of great Canadian rock bands of the 90s and Moist is another of my favorites. 


15. Classified – Inner Ninja

Classified often played the clubs in Halifax during my university days and he’s still putting out hits today, including Work Away that many Canadians relate to.


16. Big Sugar – All Hell For A Basement

A song that resonates with many Canadians, as they either know someone that moved to Alberta for work or went themselves.


17. illScarlet – One-A

Sublime has been favorite band of mine for a long time and illScarlet is the Sublime of the north. 


You can listen to all these songs and more on my Canada Day playlist on YouTube.


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