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Five Events and Festivals to Help You Embrace Winter in Edmonton

Every year I want to embrace winter and be more active outside.  Then the snow and cold wind hits and I just want to run inside and hibernate.  You would think with growing up in Canada I would be used to it by now, but my mind is still stuck and longing for warm sun and beach days. 

But since Edmonton is the Festival City, they don’t let a little snow and below freezing temperatures stop them from having fun.  There are great festivals year round that showcase culture, food, art, and recreation. Here are five festivals and events that make you want to go out and celebrate the winter months in Edmonton:

ICE CASTLES YEG – January 4, 2019-? (whenever it warms up and melts)

Ice Castles YEG is by far, one of the most stunning winter displays I have ever seen. The ice caverns and tunnels and light displays are magical and the ice slides are so much fun for both children and adults. Dress warmly and warm up by the fire or with some mini donuts on the way out.  Tickets and visitor information available on their website.

Five Events and Festivals to Help You Embrace Winter in Edmonton


Hosted by Arts on the Ave, this winter festival along 118 Ave showcases Ukranian, Francophone, and Indigenous performances. There are ice slides and sculptures to enjoy, sleigh rides and where else can you race a deep freezer down the street!  This free festival is full of great family fun so bundle up and come on down to the Ave!

Five Events and Festivals to Help You Embrace Winter in Edmonton

BOARDWALK ICE ON WHYTE FESTIVAL –  January 24-27 & January 31-February 3, 2019

This ticketed event offers a great winter experience, showcasing beautifully crafted ice sculptures.  There is also music, food, games, an interactive children’s area and much more to round out the event.   Promo code: boardwalk2019

FLYING CANOE VOLANT – January 31-February 2, 2019

French Canadian and First Nations folklore come together in this winter festival that also embraces the darkness of winter. Held in the evenings from 6-10pm (some events continuing till midnight), take in the sights and sounds at La Cite Francophone or Rutherford School, or walk deep into Mill Creek Ravine for light displays, storytelling, and musical performances.

Five Events and Festivals to Help You Embrace Winter in Edmonton

SILVER SKATE FESTIVAL – February 8-18, 2019

Located in Hawelak Park, this Dutch-inspired winter festival combines sport, arts, culture, and recreation. Skate with your family, enjoy the ice sculptures and games, or make bannock over an open fire.  Check out their website for a full list of activities.




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