Five on Friday: October 2

The school year is in full swing and field trips are being planned.  If you homeschool, you can look to the local community around you for enjoyable (and often free) field trips. Here are my Five on Friday of community field trips.

  1. Veterinarian – A local homeschool family has had a close relationship with their vet the past few months, and he was willing to take some time out of his day and talked to a small group of kids for an hour on what his job is like and different things in his office.  We got to see where he did xrays, look in a microscope and see where the pets sleep at night
  2. City Hall / Legislature buildings – free tours are usually offered at different government buildings, and with the election coming up, it’s a great time to discuss the roles of government
  3. Skating – The arenas in Edmonton offer free drop in public skating on a weekly rotated schedule.  So check out the arenas in your area and lace up your skates
  4. Bakery / Grocery Store – There is a bakery field trip next week, where kids can watch some bread being made and then participate themselves.  
  5. Religious buildings – This past February and March, we went on 3 field trips to different religious buildings, Chin Yin Buddhist Temple, Nanaksar Gurudwara Sikh Temple, and the Muslim Rahma Mosque.  All offered free tours to our homeschool group and were all very welcoming and informative.

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Five on Friday
Five on Friday
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