Five On Friday: October 23

The busy week is coming to a close and I’m looking forward to the weekend!  We have some exciting things planned for this weekend and both Mom and Dad have some fun one on one time planned with the girls.

First up is a pretty cool field trip for Chloe and Dad, a sleepover at a Dinosaur Museum! They will be heading out around noon tomorrow for a road trip and will check into the Royal Tyrrell Museum at 7pm for programs and a sleepover.  With them away, Kaiana and I will have a chance to enjoy some quality one on one time which may include swimming, walks and cuddling. So my Five on Friday for this week are five one on one experience that your kids will remember.

  1. Sleepovers – The Royal Tyrrell has multiple dates for sleepovers, and we participated in a sleepover at the Edmonton Valley Zoo in the spring.  It’s a great learning experiences and they usually get behinds the scenes access and cool demonstrations.
  2. Live Performances – Last year Chloe and I went on a special date night to watch the Nutcracker.  It was our first time at a ballet and she was absolutely memorized by it.  
  3. Movies – It can be costly to take the whole family to the movies and if your children are not close in age, it may be hard to find one that everyone will enjoy. So if you make it a special one on one time with your child, they will be excited that it’s something just for them and it won’t be too hard on the wallet.
  4. Fancy restaurant – A fancy restaurant for a child is usually anything not fast food. Parents might not be inclined to take to whole family out for a sit down meal as it’s hard to keep everyone focused and happy.  But with just one child, it’s easier to take them so a sit down meal.  Let them dress up if they like, order for themselves and have the dessert they are craving.  They’ll talk about it forever!
  5. Fun night at home – When one parent has a child out for a special outing, or if older kids are at a friend’s for a sleepover, spend some quality one on one time with the child left at home.  Maybe a new board game that they never played before, baking together or make some snacks and cuddle up for a movie together – no phone, laptop, tablet checking allowed! 

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