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Four Ways to Enjoy Winter in YEG

We’re crawling out of the deep freeze and temperatures are on the rise, maybe only briefly, but I’ll take it for now! Working from home and homeschooling means we have the luxury of staying inside on the coldest of days, but after a few days in, the kids are climbing the walls and cabin fever is setting in. Getting outside and soaking up the Vitamin D is the best thing you can do when the winter blues start to take hold.

Here are four fun, family oriented ways to be more active this winter.  

Traditional Winter Fun 

Skating and sledding are my family’s favorite winter activities.  I’ve never been a skier but I hope to introduce snow boarding to the girls in the next few years (and get reintroduced myself).  Edmonton is home to many city maintained skating surfaces, sledding hills and cross county ski trails, so be sure to check out the City of Edmonton website for a location nearest you as well as their Winter Chalets for warming up and bathroom breaks. Edmonton Ski Club, Snow Valley, and Rabbit Hill all provide downhill skiing and snowboarding in and around Edmonton, with skiing in the Rockies only a few hours away.

Four Ways to Enjoy Winter in YEG
Skating at City Hall

Try a New Activity 

Have you always wanted to try snow shoeing or maybe even sledge hockey? Try a new winter activity this year and get inspiration from ParticipACTION and their 150 Paylist of activities. There’s even chances to win prizes if you register on their website.  

Winter Festivals

Edmonton is the Festival City and the fun doesn’t stop just because the temperature drops. Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Festival (Jan. 14-15, 2017), Ice on Whyte (Jan. 26-29 and Feb 2-5, 2017). Flying Canoe Volant (Feb. 3-4, 2017), Silver Skate Festival (February 10-20, 2017),  as well as numerous community winter celebrations and Edmonton Ice Castles (on daily till the ice melts) are fun, family friendly ways to experience the best of winter in Edmonton. 

Four Ways to Enjoy Winter in YEG
Ice Sculpture at the Flying Canoe Volant festival 2016
Four Ways to Enjoy Winter in YEG
Edmonton Ice Castle 2016

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

When the sun is shining and the air is crisp, bundle up and go for a walk on your favorite summer trail and see it in a different, glistening white, light.  If you have kids, talk about the change of environment and how animals and plants adapt to the changes. Or take part in Winter Walk Day, February 1, 2017. 

Four Ways to Enjoy Winter in YEG
Beaumaris Lake

What are your favorite winter activities? 

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