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Happy Valentine’s Day!

You may go all out on Valentine’s Day with expensive gifts, dinner at a fancy restaurant, you may do a homemade version (that’s more our speed), or you may say bah humbug and don’t acknowledge the Hallmark holiday. Whatever you choose, try to spend some extra time with loved ones and let them know you care.  Our lives can get pretty hectic sometimes and although you may say I love you everyday, take a day to spend some quality time with the ones that make your heart go Pitter Patter! 

I’ve had a great time with the girls so far today as my husband is at work.  They had a mailbox waiting with valentines from Mom and Dad, a gift bag for each with a few treats, a Dr. Seuss book and Water Magic Coloring Books that they spend hours with (use water and a paint brush to cover a page and see the bright colors appear, a great dollar store find).  

They got mail! For $5 from the Superstore, it’s going to get lots of use!
Using the Magic Water books while I make breakfast

It’s always fun to make heart shaped foods, so they had heart shaped cranberry juice ice cubes to go in their water bottles this morning, heart shaped pizza for lunch and some heart and flower shaped homemade chocolates for a treat tonight. The chocolates were recommended to me by Kathy at Challenge Yourself Healthy ( and the recipe for them is from the Lean Green Mommy (  

Tomato tortillas and a hear shaped cookie cutter, sauce, pepperoni and cheese
Homemade chocolates in Ikea ice cube trays.  See link above for recipe

Chloe helped make a homemade card for Dad and after they kiddos are in bed tonight, we’ll have a scrumptious homemade steak dinner and watch a movie together (I’ll try not to fall asleep!). 

Used a felt kit she got for her birthday, and drew a picture of a house with a mailbox

How are you spending Valentine’s Day? 

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