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Introducing…Mapping Out Joy

Change is good. Change is needed to keep growing. I have been thinking about this change for a while now, but finally accomplished it when the fear of change let go, motivation to move forward grew, and I had the time to make it happen.

I started my blog over 5 years ago. I had just decided to homeschool my oldest and I wanted to keep a journal of sorts of our life on this new journey, along with sharing experiences and activities with others. With working from home and homeschooling, it was never more than just a casual hobby.

I updated my website a year ago, but the motivation to do more with it just wasn’t there yet. My life was more hectic than ever. I had become a single parent, and I was now homeschooling two children and my mommy taxi service for registered classes had doubled. I still wanted to keep blogging but something was missing.

In the last 6 months or so I have been tossing around numerous creative ideas. My vision for my blog started to become more clear. I had started out as a homeschool focused blog but I wanted to tweak it a bit to be more of a learning through life and world around us blog.

I knew they keywords that I wanted to focus on but I couldn’t nail down a new title that spoke to me. I consulted with some creative friends and they helped come up with a name and tagline that beautifully describes the vision I was going for. Mapping Out Joy – Seek, Learn, Explore. Anyone that knows me personally probably know how geeky I am over maps! Their design, colors, and information displayed just draw me in. The thing I was missing in the past, well I finally put my finger on it. I wanted to write about what truly brings me joy – discovering the new. New destinations, activities, and learning experiences. Some people love visiting the same vacation destinations every year but I am not one of those people. Even if I really enjoyed myself, I want to discover what else is out there!

So here’s to the start of new adventures, new discoveries, new destinations. I hope to discover wonderful new to us experiences and share them with my readers, perhaps they will be new to you as well. From places to discover within Edmonton, road tripping around Alberta, other parts of Canada, and international destinations as my girls get older, come along with me while I am Mapping Out Joy!

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