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It’s just a bad day, not a bad life

Most days are great.  The girls play nicely together, and go their separate ways at times. I get a bit of work done before they both wake up, and a bit more in the afternoon when they scatter after lunch.  

Friday was not one of those great day.  

Friday started off bad and just went downhill. An early morning was followed by tantrums, arguments, crying, screaming (squeal – like screaming actually, and lots of it), a demand or disturbance every few minutes, and just general grumpiness. I don’t know if the messed up energy was due to the trifecta of the vernal equinox, solar eclipse and the supermoon, or if we all just had a rough night sleep, but at least it’s over! 

The girls were watching tv in our room just before supper and I went up to talk to them because they were arguing and jumping off the bed again .  I laid down with them for a few minutes and Chloe asked for a foot rub, so we exchanged foot and hand massages. Then Kaiana and I had a conversation that switched the mood for the remainder of the day.

Kaiana – Is it ok if I lay down and take a nap?
Me – Yes, for sure. 
Kaiana – It was a long day.
Me – Yes, yes it was.
Kaiana – I’m sorry for yelling. 
Me – I’m sorry for yelling too.
Kaiana – Friends?
Me -Yes, friends! 

Proceeded by awesome toddler hugs and kisses!

After supper I went out for some alone time and browsed the book store. It’s ok to have a bad day, and they will happen.  But admit the challenges, take time to regroup and try again the next day.  The will be more good days than bad. So far today has been way better than yesterday. We did a short yoga routine after breakfast then we sat and did some deep breathing while Kaiana counted to 20. 

Yoga 101, The Aromatherapy Bible and Raising Your Spirited Child  

What do you do to regroup from a bad day?

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