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Mixing Shopkins and Social Studies

My girls have become obsessed with Shopkins in the past few months and I now have all these character names floating around in my head.  Chloe introduced me to Lammy Lamington a little while ago, but I didn’t quite know what it was suppose to represent. 

Then this recipe for lamington crossed my path yesterday and with January 26 being Australia Day, it led to a fun, tasty lesson! An afternoon homemade treat, an animals of Australia coloring page and a Google image search of Australian beaches, Great Barrier Reef and Ayres Rock completed this lesson.


I do very little homeschool planning (my Pinterest boards are where most of my inspiration comes from), so we expand on new topics as they come up or as the girls ask about them; that’s where most of our homeschool “lessons” come from. Curious kids and Google search go together like peanut butter and jelly!

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