Monday Menu: Oct 5

The temperatures around Edmonton have dropped the past few days, so time for some warm comfort food.  Here are five ideas for the Monday Menu that will warm you up on these cold days.

  1. Chicken Alfredo and Caesar salad – I love the creaminess of alfredo sauce, and some mushrooms, red pepper and garlic added to the chicken will give it a nice burst of flavor
  2. Slow cooker roast and veggies – One of our favorites!  Season the roast and add to slow cooker.  Slice carrots and potatoes and add in around the roast. Mix a packet of onion soup mix and water and add enough till the veggies are covered.  The meat comes out tender and the veggies are full of flavor.
  3. Vegetarian chili – Make a hearty chili with diced peppers, onions, zucchini, squash, beans, tomatoes and spices
  4. Pork chops, kernel corn and baked potato – One of my favorite ways of cooking pork chops is in the oven with a can of mushroom soup, and some extra mushrooms and onions diced up and added to the mixture.  The sauce makes a great addition to the potatoes as well. 
  5. Beef and barley soup – use the leftover beef from the roast and add some crusty buns or garlic toast

Follow me for weekly menu ideas. If you have any suggestions for Monday Menu, please comment below. I’m always looking for great vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options!

Feature Photo Blake Sellers

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