Monday Menu: September 28

Autumn is officially here and the weather is getting cooler so it’s time for some belly warming goodness.  Here are five suppers ideas to warm you up for this week’s Monday Menu.

  1. Corn chowder – End of season corn with onion, potato, and ham or bacon will warm you up on a breezy fall day. You can find a simple recipe here.
  2. Ground turkey, broccoli and rice – Brown ground turkey, add onions, mushrooms, broccoli and seasoning.  Cook rice and incorporate with the turkey and veggies.  Serve as is or add a sauce.  I added a cheese sauce made from a can of cheddar soup. Warm cheesy goodness!
  3. French Toast, scrambled eggs and fruit – An easy midweek meal that everyone will enjoy. 
  4. Steak sandwich on cheese bread with roast potatoes – Top your sandwich with fried mushrooms and onions and roast your potatoes with butter or olive oil and fresh herbs
  5. Tuna melts and soup – Maybe some leftover corn chowder, classic tomato, or creamy mushroom to go with this toasty favorite.

Follow me for weekly menu ideas. If you have any suggestions for Monday Menu, please comment below.

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