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Natural Products From Little One Naturals

I love supporting home based and small businesses.  In many cases you are directly helping a mom stay home and raise her family, or for parents to help pay for classes, sports or medical expenses for their children. I try to search out unique and hand crafted items for gifts and everyday use. 

Over the past few years I have looked deeper at essential oils, past the pretty scents to looking at their therapeutic properties.  I came across the home business of Little One Naturals and her products really resonated with me.  Natural products that don`t cause skin irritation and essential oils and blends that help calm and relax our bodies were items that I wanted to try for my family and I recently had the opportunity to test some products out.

When it comes to essential oils, I have a few staples in my bathroom already and I love collecting more scents and blends and learning further how they can help heal us.  My household is full of intense emotions, anxiety and stress and essential oils are my favorite way of alleviating some of those issues.  Kid Calm blend has been a lifesaver in our house. The girls and I love the scent and I use it frequently to bring the energy and anxiety level down. A few drops in their bath, or added to the coconut oil I use to moisturize them afterwards helps calms them down at bedtime.  Diffusing a few drops during particularly rowdy days or spraying my DIY room spray (15-20 drops in a small spray bottle of water) at home or in the car before high energy or stressful events (birthday parties and road trips) helps to mellow us all out. Kid Calm is now a staple in our house and I can’t wait to try out more scents and blends. 

Natural Products From Little One Naturals

Natural deodorant was a product I was excited to try.  To be honest, I`m a heavy sweater. I was tired of the film extra strength deodorant was leaving on my skin, and all the chemicals being absorbed, plus they still were not  masking enough odor and wetness. I had three scents to try, Patchouli Cedarwood, Citrus Breeze and Country Mint.

I am extra sensitive to smell and the Patchouli Cedarwood was a little strong for me so I only used it a few times.  The Citrus Breeze was nice and light and the Country Mint, at first it reminded me of toothpaste, but after a few days, the scent was growing on me and I really enjoyed it. I am also a migraine sufferer and I get them frequently from hormonal changes, changes in weather, skipped meals, large crowds, just about everything.  After a few days of wearing the mint scented deodorant, I noticed an awesome side affect – it was stopping and preventing my migraines! Peppermint essential oil is know to help stop headaches and migraines and when I could feel one coming on, I would apply some deodorant and take a deep breath in!

Natural Products From Little One Naturals

Overall, I found the deodorant itself left my skin very soft and smooth, and it was excellent at keeping odor and wetness away. Regular deodorant is loaded with chemicals that block your body’s natural ability to sweat.  After the adjustment period of switching from regular to natural (think of it as a detox for your armpits) I found that I needed  to use the natural deodorant less often because my skin wasn’t being blocked with harmful chemicals. Also, my migraines were drastically reduced when I was wearing the Country Mint deodorant! 

The only downside to the natural deodorants came on hot summer days.  Because it is made with coconut oil (and coconut oil melts under 24 degrees C) the deodorant occasional became a little runny.  It was an easy fix though, as I just stored them in the fridge during the summer and sat them on the counter before I grabbed a shower so they would soften a little.  This is now my go to natural deodorant and even though the mint is my favorite scent so far, there are eight scents in total and I can’t wait to try the Lavender Love!  

The creator behind Little One Naturals is a Certified Aromatherapist, so you can feel safe trusting her products. Be sure to check out Little One Naturals on Facebook and online. Her products are available in many different retail locations in the Cold Lake and Edmonton areas and even in Saskatchewan, as well as shipped directly to you.  She has many fabulous products and I can’t wait for her new essential oil roll-ons to be available soon! The natural products and essential oils at Little One Naturals will make great stocking stuffers and gifts this holiday season, plus you’ll be helping out a wonderful local business!  

Disclaimer – Although I was gifted the products, all of the above opinions are honest and my own.  Please consult with your family doctor, naturopath or certified aromatherapist before using essential oils. 

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