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Not So Super Moods During the Supermoons

2015 will see six supermoons, January, Febuary and March were new moons and August, September, October will be full moons. A supermoon occurs when the moon is orbiting at it’s closest point (or within 90 %) to Earth.* 

Our household consists of three extra sensitive, big emotion females so it can get a bit wacky during the week leading up to a supermoon (see my post following the March supermoon It’s just a bad day, not a bad life). This week there were a few more squabbles, a few more meltdowns, a few more interrupted sleeps and early mornings.  The girls are off to the grandparents for the night, so I had a bit of a reprieve.  But as a long time migraine suffer, I’ve recently made the connection of my migraines to days of atmospheric changes (Alberta gets a lot of thunderstorms in the summer) and moon phases. So, that’s how I’m spending my Saturday night.

If you have clear skies near you, get out and check out the supermoon and the stars.  It’s cloudy where we are but it’s just starting to darken so hopefully it clears enough to see it.

Hoping to see the supermoon, August 29 2015
Hoping to see the supermoon, August 29 2015


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