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Visit the New Urban Farm at Edmonton Valley Zoo

The Edmonton Valley Zoo recently completed one of it’s many planned updates and we enjoyed exploring the new spaces this past week.  Included in these updates is a new Urban Farm, complete with petting zoo and indoor stables, the new Red Panda enclosure, and new playground area.

The goats on the roof were the main attraction for us (well, me especially!)  at the Urban Farm. There were several up on the grassy roof munching away and making their way around the facility. There is a petting zoo in the central courtyard and you can enter the barn to see more animals in various pens.  While we were there, there was also a table set up with different farm animal skulls to view and compare. There is also a restaurant area coming soon. 

Just outside the entrance to the Urban Farm is a new playground area.  This was a favorite new feature for my 7 year old and she wanted to come back to it after we checked out a few more exhibits. The natural wood and rope materials used were fun to climb on, and it didn’t take long for the kids to create an obstacle course around it.

Just before the new playground and Urban Farm, is the newly completed Red Panda Exhibit. They have a spacious outdoor enclosure with pedway. While the kids were playing on the playground, one of the Red Pandas was dozing overhead on the pedway.  Upon our return to the playground area, I was able to snap a few pic of it having a little lunch, before it climbed up high in the trees for another nap.

We really enjoyed the new features at the Edmonton Valley Zoo and we look forward to future updates and expansions. Visitor Information can be found on the City of Edmonton’s website under Attractions, or by clicking here – Edmonton Valley Zoo.

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