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What Are Your Saturdays For?

As a homeschooling family, we have the luxury of doing regular family tasks like grocery shopping and registered classes during the week and saving the weekends for relaxing around the house or exploring outside.

What Are Your Saturdays For?

My husband works Saturdays and we have to work around that when planning road trips and vacations, so most weekends start with me and the girls catching up on sleep, lounging around the house and checking out playgrounds and nature trails in the afternoon. 

What Are Your Saturdays For?
Mill Creek Ravine, Edmonton

How does your family spend their Saturdays?  Do you run errands, head out on road trips or just spend some family time around the house? 

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  • Camie

    Our Saturdays are generally spent running errands and either catching a movie at the theater or having a movie marathon at home. Sometimes we spend the day at a museum or another kind of attraction.

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