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Winter Adventures…Part 1

Happy New Year!! Whew, where did the time go?! 2015 is here and we are into our fifth month of Grade 1.The past two months have been filled with lots of great learning opportunities and it’s awesome to see her progress.  She has started writing and spelling names and short words with letter fridge magnets and on her whiteboard, reading place names and words on signs, 100 piece puzzles, and dances and sings her way through the day.  
Teaching little sis how to do puzzles
Finished her first 100 piece by herself
When the weather outside is frightful, bring the fun inside. We had a snow storm in early November and instead of going outside in the cold to play, I filled a few buckets with freshly fallen snow and dumped them into the sink.  Also works great with a warm sink full of bubbles and some measuring cups
Warm water, dish soap and measuring cups
Fresh snow, food color and cups and spoons
Mid November, C had an outdoor Winter Adventure organized through her board. We headed to the park with snow suits and extra mittens. C joined up with her group, played games and fed squirrels and chickadees. K and I went for a walk in the snow and she practiced some snow angles before we met back up with the group for hot chocolate.
Having fun in the snow
A few nights later we got some crisp winter air when we ventured downtown to watch the tree lighting.
Christmas tree lighting, downtown Edmonton
One of C’s favorite activities in November was indoor wall climbing, a group activity organized her homeschool board. She attended two more drama classes put on through her board as well and we had our first facilitator meeting in late November, which went very well.  The meeting was an hour long at our kitchen table, very casual and relaxed. He reviewed some samples of her work, discussed what we have covered so far, and asked her what her favorite subjects and activities are. He said we were progressing nicely and see you in the spring. 
Has a style all her own!
We finished up November with a visit to the Festival of Trees, a beautiful way to begin the Holiday season. The girls loved going downtown at night and seeing the tall buildings lit up. The trees were amazing, so colorful and bright. The Festival of Trees is a great fundraiser for the University Hospital Foundation.  To showcase what the money goes to support, they had a mock hospital set up.  The girls had the chance to listen to their heart beats, look at x-rays and had a small cast put on their finger. An unexpected learning opportunity  emerges from a fun night out!
posing at the Festival of Trees
Coming sooner than later, Winter Adventures Part 2 – our December craziness! 

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