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YouTube Kids Is Here!

YouTube Kids was released in the US back in February, but it is now available in Canada!  Also available in U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, this kid friendly version of the favorite app keeps out inappropriate content and had all the cool kids channels in one spot. 

There are ads (I have seen ones for toys and other shows so far), but my three year old even knows to click on the video after the time ticks down. 

In addition to loads of new to them content, I was happy to see some of their favorite channels and shows including Minecraft videos, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, CBC Kids, Cosmic Kids Yoga and so many more. They have categories of Recommended, Shows, Music, Learning and Explore and you can choose to have search on or off. They danced all around while choosing their favorite songs. 


For more check out YouTube Kids and visit your app store to download. 

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